Music School Calendars

Boy With SaxophoneMaestro Musicians Academy Calendars 2017-2018

Our music school calendar generally follows the public school calendar of the suburb in which the campus is based. Please note that there are separate calendars below based on the location of lessons. Please note that if lessons take place at a house of worship, we do have various holidays that might conflict with our calendar. Be sure to take down all dates below and mark them in your personal calendar! Note that depending on what day of the week you choose for a lesson, there are between 10-20 lessons per semester. In order to be fair to our teachers, we require a semesterly commitment and adjust our prices accordingly.
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Maryland Music School Calendar

Towson Calendar – St. Thomas Episcopal Church Location and Home Lessons

Lexington Calendar – Home Lessons and United Methodist Church

Music School Calendars – Boston


Music School Calendars – Towson, Baltimore