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Featured in Boston’s Voyager Magazine

 “Release Your Inner Voice Through Music!”

–Maestro Musicians Academy Director Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A.

Baltimore Piano Lessons

Serving Lexington, MA and Towson, MD and all surrounding communities.


Here are Some Benefits of taking lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy!


1. Convenient Locations Serving Boston, MA and Baltimore, MD!

Lexington, MABoston Skyline

The Maestro Musicians Academy of Boston is a music school that operates out of the United Methodist Church on 2600 Massachusetts Avenue. Our school is less than 20 minutes during rush hour from most or much of Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Lincoln, Concord, Woburn, Winchester, Arlington,Waltham, Watertown, Belmont, and other towns!

Towson, MD

Baltimore CityThe Maestro Musicians Academy of Baltimore is located in Towson, MD at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 1108 Providence Road. We are a conveniently short drive from most of Baltimore and the suburbs of Cockeysville, Pikesville, Roland Park, Hampden, and Dundalk.

2. We Teach the Most Popular Instruments!

Is that piano just sitting in your home waiting to be played? Or perhaps you want to dust off the ol’ guitar sitting in the closet! We are your solution for lessons in piano, violin, guitar, voice, drums,
trumpet, and many other instruments!

musical instruments

3. Twice-Yearly Recitals on the Big Stage! 

Little Girl Playing With GuitarEvery year, the Maestro Musicians Academy organizes at least two recitals for children. These non-pressured events are a fantastic and encouraging way for students to shine in front of a supportive audience of family and friends. We believe that every child has something important to share and that if they are motivated from within, they can learn valuable life skills by sharing their music on stage.

4. Caring Instrumental and Vocal Instructors Who Develop the Whole Musician!

No matter what your age, goals, or level of playing, our caring music instructors are there to help you develop your passion. We believe that the greatest things in life are worth sharing and music is a special gift that should be cherished. Our music teachers are fun, motivating, and inspiring and develop each student to their fullest potential. violin teacher with student

5. Our Music Lessons Bring Joy to Our Students and Their Families

We believe that all students of any background can experience the joy of learning and performing an instrument.

Boston Guitar Lessons

We live in a culture that has never in history provided such abundance of wealth and knowledge. Yet, with these opportunities, our common culture unfortunately also bombards our kids with negative images, stereotypes, and messages. We believe that our music lessons strengthen the character of every student and teaches a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for genuine beauty and expression.

6. Your children will develop a sense of accomplishment, discipline and character building through our lessons.

Boy Playing Violin

We believe that all students of any background can experience the joy of learning and performing an instrument. Learning an instrument requires dedication, time, and perseverance. In our culture of short attention spans and instant gratification, the above mentioned skills are sorely needed in our children’s education!

7. Convenient waiting areas for parents

Each facility has an area for parents to do work, socialize, or relax in while the lessons are ongoing.

happy family

8. Music Lessons Give Children and Adults a Creative Outlet That They CraveChild

How many of us have go to work and feel depleted at the end of the day? Likewise, how many children comehome from school needing a bit of direction and focus after a long day? Both groups above have something in common: They need meaningful one-to-one interaction to help reignite PURPOSE. Music lessons give us a shared bond with the teacher and the music that allows us, as individuals, to put our own unique interpretation on the piece learned. This is very inspiring, as it allows us to tap into an internal energy that needs to come out.



How do we know? We, as teachers, are living examples! You will come out of our lessons with a genuine appreciation for sharing a special language of sound that communities deep ideas, feelings, thoughts, and emotions between many individuals on the most elemental level.


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Maestro Musicians Academy
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