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Music LessonsWelcome to the Maestro Musicians Academy! Founded by Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A., we are a music school with a unique cause. We care deeply about the music that our children are exposed to and through our Music Lessons, we desire to bring quality music to our culture, whether in our schools or in our daily lives. What is quality music? In our opinion, quality music is music of the soul – it is storytelling music that reflects the emotions, ideas, and thoughts across all generations and cultures. Our music is about truth, beauty, and genuine expression from within.

Maestro Musicians Academy isn’t just a school. We are a movement.

What We Believe and Why You Should Too!

Maestro Musicians expert teachers and performers believe in the following three core principles:

1. The process of learning and performing music is primarily meant to bring joy to students and listeners.

    1. We believe that all students of any background can experience the joy of learning and performing an instrument. Children in the United States live in a culture that has never in history provided such abundance of wealth and knowledge. Yet, with these opportunities, our common culture unfortunately also bombards our kids with negative images, stereotypes, and messages. We believe that our music lessons strengthen the character of every student and teaches a sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for genuine beauty and expression.

2. We perform music in order to touch our audiences on a fundamentally deep level that cannot be expressed through the spoken word.

    1. We also teach music to our students so that they may accomplish the same goals. In our fast-paced digital age, we have unfortunately lost the ability to communicate deep and important ideas. Music lessons are all about communication – first, between mentor and student (facilitated by the composer of the music), and last and certainly not least, between the student and his or her audience. Every piece of quality music has a profound message to share and the ability for a student to interpret music and make it his or her own translates into day to day life as a keen ability to listen and profoundly analyze many points of view in a discussion.

3. We believe in teaching a sense of accomplishment, discipline, and the building of character through our lessons.

        1. We believe that all students of any background can experience the joy of learning and performing an instrument. Learning an instrument requires dedication, time, and perseverance. In our culture of short attention spans and instant gratification, the above mentioned skills are sorely needed in our children’s education!

How are our Music Lessons different?

We started in 2010 with our Boston Music School and currently serve locations in Boston, Brookline, Lexington, and Newton. Our Baltimore Music School serves Towson, MD and the surrounding communities. Are you not located in these parts of town? No problem! Ask us about lessons at home. We also serve the after-school program at the Jewish Community Day School of Watertown, MA and the Krieger Schechter Day School of Baltimore, MD. In addition to our Boston Music Lessons, we also are thrilled to offer Skype Music Lessons with a particular focus on Violin Lessons Online.

Our expert faculty offers music lessons in Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Guitar (Folk and Classical), Trombone, Clarinet, Saxophone, and Trumpet instruction. Our Boston and Baltimore based Expert Music Teachers excel at developing the unique musical potential of every individual student and are stellar performers in their own respective instruments.

Boy having cello lessonWhat makes us unique? We make it a priority to find the perfect music teacher for you or your child. How do we do this? Unlike local music schools, our academy offers an initial complimentary unique teacher-student pairing consultation. We believe that the relationship between teacher, student, and parent constitutes the most important aspect of music-making and musical instruction.

As we grow and get to know more parents and students who share our cause, we plan to  spread our musical messages of joy and genuine expression around the country! We are united by the belief that music is the most effective form of non-verbal communication and that classical music has the power to both spiritually enhance and change your life and that of your child’s.

Maestro Musicians are the Maestros!

“My son has been taking violin lessons with Maestro Musicians for 6-8 months. I find Daniel Broniatowski extremely cooperative and flexible and my son’s teacher is superb. I highly recommend Maestro Musicians!See more Maestro Musicians reviews here!
– Peter H.

Openings Come up Throughout the Semester Contact Us to Inquire About Teacher Availaility!