Maestro Musicians Academy

Greater Boston’s Premiere Music School

Picture of a violinWelcome to Maestro Musicians, LLC! Founded by Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A., we are a Boston Music School with locations in Brookline, Lexington, Newton, Stoughton, and their surrounding areas. Our music teachers are among the best performers in Boston and are great with both children and adults! We are united by the belief that music is the most effective form of non-verbal communication and that classical music has the power to both spiritually enhance and change your life and that of your child’s.

Our expert faculty offers music lessons in Piano, Voice, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute, Guitar (Folk and Classical), Trombone, Clarinet, Saxophone, and Trumpet instruction. Our highly trained teachers at developing the unique musical potential of every individual student.

What makes us unique? We make it a priority to find the perfect music teacher for you or your child. How do we do this? Unlike local music schools, our academy offers an initial complimentary unique teacher-student pairing consultation. We believe that the relationship between teacher, student, and parent constitutes the most important aspect of music-making and musical instruction.

Our Boston Music Lessons are parent tested, child approved!

Openings Come up Throughout the Semester Contact Us to Inquire About Teacher Availaility!


Our faculty is also committed to the idea that quality music can positively influence children in a world where many competing influences seek to do just the opposite. We believe that music affects culture profoundly and have even created a concert series to promote this idea!

A Music School With a Unique Cause

We believe very strongly that the music and messages in the music that our children listen to have a direct impact (either positive or negative) on their lives.

We stand for music that has the power to uplift and inspire – qualities that both children and adults crave in our society today. We carry the banner of music that stands for something meaningful and believe that our faculty have something unique and worthwhile to share with their audiences. Our music delivers messages of hope and inspiration by speaking to the hearts and minds of all individuals across all cultures, since we all share the same emotions and desires. We wish to use these qualities to the best of our abilities to heal a fractured world that is in need of repair.