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Maestro Musicians are the Maestros!

“My son has been taking violin lessons with Maestro Musicians for 6-8 months. I find Daniel Broniatowski extremely cooperative and flexible and my son’s teacher is superb. I highly recommend Maestro Musicians!See this review on Thumbtack here!
– Peter H.

Exemplary musicianship!

“My daughter has been with Maestro Musicians for 5 years of steady progress. She’s now in high school, reads music fluently, and plays both solo and in small ensembles. Her teacher has been consistently encouraging, patient, and very professional. I would recommend Maestro Musicians to anyone looking for music lessons for their kids.” See this review on Thumbtack here!– – Nathan R.

“It has been an honor to have Dr. Daniel Broniatowski as our daughter’s violin teacher. Our daughter has had other violin instructors but none compare. Daniel has a keen understanding of how to teach music and how to match the instructional path to the child’s stage of development. Our daughter has made impressive progress. Any child will be lucky to have Daniel as their teacher and to study under Maestro Musicians Academy.” See this review on Thumbtack here!
– Nancy H.

“My son has a great experience with Maestro Musician’s piano teachers. He always loves going to lessons. The teachers are accomplished and incredibly supportive and he has made amazing progress. See this review on Lessons.com here!
-Lori Harrison-Kahan

“My daughter is a new violin student with Maestro Musicians. Not only is her teacher Rebecca a gifted performer herself and so extremely qualified but she’s also a great teacher – clear in her explanations, patient and very focused on key teaching points while making the lessons both enjoyable and interesting. My daughter has made amazing progress and I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone interested in learning music. See this review on Lessons.com here!
-Tomi Magome

Two of my children take guitar lessons with teachers from Maestro Musicians Academy, one for two years, one started this year. The teachers are professional and will work with your child to become a technically strong player in addition to fun pieces. This combination is not always easy to find; my older son had to re-learn some basic forms as his previous teachers were more sloppy players. They enjoy their teacher and like to play guitar! See this review on Google here!
Yael Aldrich


My son has been a student at Maestro for years and has enjoyed every minute. At 4 years old, he came to us saying he wanted to study violin (with Itzhak Perlman!) and we told him that he could definitely study violin….but with a different teacher! His interest in the instrument has grown over the years and Daniel’s patient and persistent guidance has helped him develop better discipline and fundamental skills that will be with him whatever he does. We love Maestro and highly recommend them! See this review on Google here! See this review on Google here!
-Barbra Batshalom


My children ages 10 and 12 have been studying violin for 5 years prior to our move to Lexington in January 2015. We were fortunate to have found Maestro Musicians through our previous instructor in the Midwest. She researched the area and found our teacher, Oksana performing in a video that was linked to the academy. Our communication prior to our move via email and through phone calls was professional, courteous and stress free! We are thrilled that we were so lucky to find such a passionate music school to further our children’s life long love for music. The children are treated with respect, they are challenged and they can hear the rewards of their practice sessions. We are excited to start another semester at their new location in Lexington this fall!” See this review on Google here!
Amy Palu

“My child has been tutored by Daniel (Maestro Musicians) for a few years now. Daniel is good at understanding and teaching children from a young age, comprehending issues and concerns that children might have. The periodic performance offers a chance for children to build confidence performing in front of an audience. The coaching helps her advance, not only skills in the instrument itself, but also in music theory, in preparing her for formal orchestra and public performance. We are very happy with Daniel, and will surely continue with Daniel. Thank you.”
See this review on Google here!
– S Leung 

“My son, Nathan, began violin lessons with Daniel Broniatowski at the age of 4 just last year. I believe that we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for Nathan. Daniel has the ability to make the lessons fun all the while teaching proper techniques and all the fundamentals of music. This is no easy task with a young student, yet every week Nathan is eager to see Daniel for his violin lessons. In just under one year Nathan’s progress was amazing. He went from no knowledge of music, to reading music and confidently performing two pieces at the spring recital this past June. Most importantly, Nathan truly enjoys playing the violin. It’s not my expectation that Nathan becomes a professional violinist, but if he gains a love for music and a deeper appreciation for the violin, than this is a gift for life and we have in large part Daniel to thank for this.”
Tara Riesenburger

“Daniel Broniatowski is able to find the right balance between fun and work in a violin lesson. He takes the time to focus on theory and correct form, but he also makes sure to leave sufficient time for playing beautiful music. His manner is very gentle, and his enthusiasm for the instrument is contagious.”
Claire and Dan C.

 “Four years ago we were looking for a violin teacher for our 5-year-old son. We were looking for one that is an excellent violin performer and has profound knowledge of music and music history, and most of all one can communicate all his knowledge with young kids and inspire kids on their interest of music. Luckily we found Daniel Broniatowski. When I heard his conversation with my son I know he is the one. He makes friends with young kids easily and naturally and teaching them music without even letting them realize they are learning. That’s why my son still keeps playing violin, among many of his other activities like hockey, soccer, etc.” See this review on Google here!
– Fujian and Yue