Suzuki Violin Lessons Lexington

Suzuki Violin LessonsThe Maestro Musicians Academy is pleased to announce that we now offer Suzuki Violin Lessons for children at our Lexington location at the Hancock Church on 1912 Massachusetts Avenue! Our expert Suzuki-certified teacher, Nicole Kootz, is the head of this program and you can read about her musical journey here. 

What is the Suzuki Method?

Founded by the late Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, the Suzuki Method is an approach to learning music that mimics the natural inborn process that children possess in learning their mother tongue. Rather than talent being an innate gift that a child is born with, Suzuki’s method teaches that talent is much more a result of a child’s early environment and exposure at a young age. Consequently, if children are given the right nurturing environment, they will be able to learn a musical instrument through exposure, imitation, and repetition. The most important key to Suzuki’s approach is that the teacher and parent work in tandem to provide the student with the right environment so that success is possible. This environment is shaped by a focus on individual private lessons, group classes, regular practice, and regular listening of music. It is of paramount importance that parents attend all private and group lessons.

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The Maestro Musicians Academy Offers the following Suzuki Violin Lessons at our Lexington Location:

Suzuki Tots (Ages 3-4)

These 45-minute classes introduce your child to the Suzuki Method, music and movement, and making beautiful music together. The classes take place on Saturday mornings at 9 AM. A parent or guardian must attend. This class is offered each semester (fall and spring).

Budding Beginners (Ages 4-5)

Budding Beginners introduces children to Suzuki violin lessons through fun activities, games, and song. This is a preparatory class for the core program, “Suzuki Kids”. The classes are 45 minutes long and take place on Saturday mornings at 10 AM. A parent or guardian must attend. This class is offered each semester (fall and spring). Children have an amazing time participating in the end-of-the-year concert.

Suzuki Kids (Ages 5-18)

Suzuki Kids is not just a course – it is a way of life! The Suzuki philosophy, as outlined in the founder’s book Nurtured by Love, permeates the interactions that are fostered between the teacher and student. Teachers and students meet 16 times per semester on Thursdays for either 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons (based on the age of the student) and then everyone comes together on Saturday mornings at 11 AM to learn in a group setting. Every group class prepares an end-of-the-year concert and students are encouraged to perform at solo recitals throughout the year.

Suzuki Adults

It’s never too late to learn how to play the violin! Suzuki Adults thrive by learning from each other in a group setting on Thursday evenings. Private Suzuki Violin Lessons are also available for those who wish to take advantage of this alternative approach.

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