Skype Music Lessons

Perhaps one of the most amazing gifts that many in our world share today is the ability to communicate great distances and to share ideas at speeds never imaginable by recent generations past. Thanks to Skype, FaceTime, and other voice over internet protocols, the exchange of information can be accomplished virtually at the speed of light. Skype Music Lessons are among the subjects that can be conducted through these media.

Some benefits of learning through Skype or FaceTime are as follows:

A. If you do not have access to a high quality music teacher in your geographical area, you now have the ability to get quality instruction at the click of a mouse.

B. You can have lessons from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule without having to commute in traffic or long distances.

C. If you travel for a living, you can keep a consistent schedule.

Skype Music Lessons are not, however, without risk. Here are three elements that must all work together for a successful outcome:

  1. The internet connection must be fast enough
  2. Your computer, if not connected to the internet through a cable, must be close enough to the wireless router so that the signal is strong enough to support the data transfer needed for voice-over-internet-protocals.
  3. Your microphone must be decent. We highly recommend the Blue Yeti Mic on the cardiod setting.
  4. Your speakers or headphones must be decent enough to receive the audio at high quality.
  5. You will also need a webcam. Many, if not most computers these days have one built into the monitor.

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Because the elements above must all come into play, we always recommend a free trial lesson with one of our teachers. You will find that some instruments are easier to coordinate through Skype or FaceTime than others. For instance, music theory, singing, and guitar lessons will be easier to conduct compared to bowed strings, such as violin, viola, and cello. Nevertheless, the challenges associated with all instruments do not outweigh the benefits if the student and teacher are patient and willing to communicate in a slow and methodical manner. It CAN be done!

Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A.
Maestro Musicians Academy
Music to Warm the Heart
Greater Boston, MA