Maestro Musicians Lexington Music School

Maestro Musicians Lexington Music School at Hancock Church, MA

The Maestro Musicians Academy’s Lexington Music School is conveniently located at the Hancock Church on 1912 Massachusetts Avenue, right next to the Lexington Common and steps to the town center. Serving Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Belmont, and Arlington, MA, our music school is privileged to have access to a number of pianos, classrooms, and a beautiful sanctuary that can be used for recitals. The Hancock Church is a community that deeply appreciates music and our budding relationship with the Hancock community is very important to us. We hope one day to encourage students to perform for church functions, for those interested.

The Maestro Musicians Academy Lexington is available for lessons Monday through Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Our music school offers all instruments, in addition to lessons in the basic building blocks of music (also known as music theory), music history, and music appreciation. We have found that the most popular requests are for Lexington Piano Lessons and Guitar Lessons in Lexington. Voice lessons, violin lessons, and trumpet lessons are a close second. Of course we can help you find a teacher for virtually any other instrument as well!

While we teach all ages and students from all locations, our Lexington students tend to live locally and attend the neighboring public schools. Our music lessons both support and supplement the high level of music education that the Lexington public schools are known for, and we encourage our students to enroll in orchestra and small ensemble groups. We believe that music lessons provide both phenomenal educational and social advantages in the lives of all students who participate in the discipline of learning an instrument.


How to find our Lexington Music School

Located in the heart of Lexington, our Lexington music school is accessible by the following transportation routes:

Route 128, Exit 30B
Bus routes: 62, 76

Maestro Musicians Lexington Music School

1912 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421
United States (US)
Phone: 857-756-5230