Learn to Play the Lute

learn to play the luteHave you ever wanted to learn to play the lute? This contemporarily rare, but historically popular instrument comes straight to us from the Medieval to late Baroque time periods. Often associated with folklore and ancient music, the lute is one of the most majestic plucked, stringed instruments. It was introduced to Europe by the Moors via Spain and by Byzantine and Muslim musicians via Sicily as early as the Twelfth Century. The lute was the most popular instrument for secular instrument during the Renaissance period.

The lute is known for its characteristically deep round back and the instrument has frets. There are either 15 or 24 strings, depending on the type of lute! This gives the instrument a very large range, to say the least.

At the Maestro Musicians Academy, we offer lute lessons taught by our master teacher, Jonas Kublickas. Enjoy the video below to see Jonas perform and talk about the lute and his teaching style!

If you live in Boston, you can study with him at our Brookline location. If you are far away, or even not so far away, you can study with him online. Contact us for more information!

Daniel Broniatowski, D.M.A.
Maestro Musicians Academy
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