Group Lessons and Summer Programs


Are you looking for music lessons for you or your child in a group setting?


Here is a list of classes we offer to the Maestro Musicians community in Greater Boston
(click on each individual course for a complete description):

Adult Beginners
Basic Music Theory
Chamber Music (All levels and ages welcome)
Musical Maestros Summer Music Program
Music Appreciation
Music History
Scale and Etude Class (For pre-professional students)

Children playing drums

Why take group lessons? Aside from the social interaction that is offered, group classes allow children to learn from each other and see a wide variety of perspectives. They also present parents with a more affordable alternative to one-to-one private lessons. This is ideal for parents who are not yet sure if the interest is quite there yet as it relates to their child.

More advanced students will highly benefit from the collaboration with other young musicians and learn all about playing in an ensemble, which is what music is all about!

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Music Teacher

Adult Beginners

Learn an instrument in a supportive and nurturing environment and make friends along the way! The adult beginner class conveniently meets at our Brookline Campus at 62 Green Street on a weeknight at 6 PM.

Basic Music Theory for all Ages

Ever wonder how music REALLY works? Basic Music Theory will teach you all about the basic building blocks of what you see on the page. This class is a MUST for anyone who really wants to understand music!

Chamber Music for all Ages

Play music with other students. Learn all about working as an ensemble and have a great time with your new friends! For pre-teens, teens and adults.

Musical Maestros Summer Music Program

Summer music program for children ages 5-8 at our Brookline campus on 58 Irving Street. Four year olds are welcome with parents. Little Maestros meets one week in August from 9 AM – 11:50 AM. In this program, children get to try out instruments,  sing together, and build their own shoebox violins! A special end-of-the-week concert follows on the last day. This year’s program (2017) is from August 7-11. Enroll here!

Music Appreciation for all Ages

Learn about the great virtuosos of classical music. Among potential topics covered are “The Golden Age of Violin Playing”, Great performers of the Twentieth Century, and “Classical Music for the Curious”.

Music History

Learn about some of the most important composers of classical music and become acquainted with their works! This course focuses on the evolution of classical music and the meaning behind monumental works as they relate to general Western history. We also listen to different recordings as part of the class.

Scale and Etude Classes (For pre-professional students)

For aspiring virtuosi, a solid technique is not just desirable – it is vital. Every teenager who is considering a career as a classical musician must take this class. This is a class that focuses on scales and studies. The class is conducted in “masterclass” form, meaning that students learn from each other in a supportive environment.

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