Boston Music Lessons – Cost, Location, and Quality

Attention Boston parents! Are you looking for Boston Music Lessons? With so many Boston Music Lesson options to choose from, how does one decide on a music school?  We, at The Maestro Musicians Academy, have put together a list of items parents will generally look for in their search for the perfect Boston music lessons. […]

Boston Violin Lessons

Explore Boston Violin Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy According to our sources, almost 100 people are looking for violin lessons in the Boston area on a monthly basis! This means that the violin is one of the most popular instruments around. Why is this so, and when looking for a quality violin teacher, how […]

Meet Daniel Broniatowski

I was honored to be featured in the Boston Voyager Magazine on May 1. You may access the article here or read below. MAY 1, 2017 Meet Daniel Broniatowski of Maestro Musicians Academy BOSTONVOYAGER STAFF SHARE TWEET PIN Today we’d like to introduce you to Daniel Broniatowski. Daniel, please share your story with us. How […]

Boston Voice Lessons

On March 24, 2017, I had the privilege of interviewing Kelly Zhang, one of our highly-trained singing teachers who teaches Boston Voice Lessons in our Brookline, Lexington, and West Newton locations. Kelly, or Yuxi, as she is known in her native China, graduated from Shenzhen University and the Longy Conservatory of Music. Although she is […]

The Benefits of Voice Lessons

Are you interested in taking voice lessons? Perhaps your son or daughter is very musical and you were thinking about enrolling him or her in voice lessons at the local music school around the corner! As a classical violinist and the director of the Maestro Musicians Academy in Boston and Baltimore, I have been blessed […]

Flight of the Bumblebee

This is part 13 in Maestro Musicians Academy’s Series on classical music for children. It is designed to be read as a story. Why not read it to them before bedtime and show them the videos that follow? Did you know that music can describe sounds in nature? A Russian composer whose name was Nikolai […]