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Are you a parent who would like to see Quality Music Lessons in your child’s school? Or perhaps you are an administrator or principal of a public/private school and would like to see how Maestro Musicians can facilitate and run a music program for your students! We, at Maestro Musicians would be delighted to investigate this possibility, as our network of music teachers extends across the country! Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of signing up for our program!

violin teacher with student

Here are some benefits that the Maestro Musicians Academy can bring to your private or public school:

  • Music lessons have been shown to provide enormous benefits in the classroom across many disciplines – particularly in the development of the brain’s executive function.
  • We hire music teachers who are uniquely qualified with music performance and/or education degrees in their respective instruments or parallel disciplines. This takes the guesswork out of finding a QUALITY INSTRUCTOR.
  • Our hiring process vets teachers so that we find competent instructors who are friendly, patient, but firm, when needed.
  • Our instructors maintain direct lines of communication with parents and our own administration, to ensure that every child is getting the right kind of attention for his or her unique learning style.
  • Maestro Musicians, LLC carries a comprehensive liability policy and screens all teachers according to state laws
  • Maestro Musicians excels at working with your after-school coordinator to seamlessly integrate with your after-school programs.
  • Maestro Musicians excels at putting together and maintaining an organized music program for both PRIVATE and GROUP lessons in many, if not all instruments requested.
  • Our teachers also have the unique ability to come to your school DURING THE SCHOOL DAY, thus freeing up students to pursue other after-school interests. This is a special private-lesson program that we offer by audition only.
  • Maestro Musicians facilitates end-of-the term or end-of-the-year recitals for students to show off their hard work!

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