Boston Guitar Lessons

Are you an adult or parent looking for Boston Guitar Lessons but don’t know where to start? The Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington is located on 1912 Massachusetts Avenue at the historic Hancock Church. Our hand-selected guitar instructors are experts in their craft and are experienced teachers of all ages and stages! Parents and adult students have chosen Maestro Musicians since our inception in 2010 and our instructors are among the best in the region. Whether you have a child who loves to rock, you want top classical training in acoustic guitar, or you just want to find a natural and wholesome creative outlet, we are the music school for you!

Boston Guitar Lessons

Ten benefits to signing up for our Boston Guitar Lessons!

1. Both Children and Adults can Learn Music that they WANT to play!

Adult guitar player

Many of us are inspired to pick up a guitar because we heard a song on the radio, online, or on TV. Children often want to play songs that they heard in school or from their friends. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what your preferred method of listening to music is. We would love to help you achieve your musical dreams. Every day, adults all around Boston say to themselves “I wish I had the time to take guitar lessons”, or “I miss playing guitar as a kid”. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet. The time is now!

2. Our Boston Guitar Lessons are generally within a 15 minute drive from most of Lexington, Burlington, Bedford, Lincoln and parts of Waltham, Woburn, and Belmont!

Located in the Hancock Church at 1912 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, we are centrally located. Students have easy access to us from many towns! Our Hancock Church location has plenty of parking, a dedicated waiting area for parents, and a beautiful stage for our recitals with wonderful acoustics.

3. Maestro Musician Academy Boston Guitar Teachers are Top Pros

Guitarist Chris Ramusiweicz

The guitar teachers at the Maestro Musicians Academy of Lexington possess top degrees from major conservatories and university music programs around the world! They are also experienced performers and teachers. When you take Boston Guitar Lessons at the Maestro Musicians Academy, you learn from the best. Don’t settle for anything less!

4. The guitar is a great instrument for children and adults to start on.

girl playing guitar

To put it very simply, one can play chords or one can play melodies. Playing chords is the easier option of the two. Learning how to play these harmonies is a great skill for children – especially those who like to sing along with their own guitar accompaniment! Hands too small? No problem! We also teach ukulele.

5. The Maestro Musicians Academy gives its students opportunities to perform! 

Every fall and every spring, we host a recital for children to play in front of their families, friends, and loved ones. Our supportive and nurturing musical culture allows children to learn in a positive atmosphere all while maintaining high standards! Our afternoon or evening recitals give children the opportunity to be in the spotlight and be proud of their accomplishments. This is great for developing confidence in one’s abilities and teaching how to communicate meaningfully.

6. Guitar lessons are a great tool for developing the WHOLE CHILDBoy With Guitar

What do we mean by this? New studies are coming out all the time proving that music lessons help children academically, socially, and even psychologically. Of course we didn’t need a study to prove this, but if you sign your child up for Boston Guitar Lessons, you can rest assured that he or she will benefit from greater self-esteem, self-confidence, focus, and executive functioning skills. We live in a very fast-paced world today. Children benefit tremendously from slowing down and learning how to be analytical in their thinking. Music lessons provide this avenue for step-by-step learning, much like putting together an entire puzzle, one piece at a time. When your child learns how to play a complicated song or piece, he or she is gaining the skills of self-reflection, analysis, and synthesis.


Adults who are looking for ways to increase focus, awareness, and even fight the effects of “brain-fog” and aging can benefit tremendously from the discipline of guitar practice. Learning to play a musical instrument requires slow, deliberate, and sustained repetition of new techniques. It is a bit like teaching your body how to walk for the first time. When a toddler tries to walk, he will fall over many times over the course of a few months, but he always picks himself up. As students of music, we go through the same process!

8. Maestro Musicians Academy Boston Guitar Lessons are hassle-freehassle free

The Maestro Musicians Academy operates on a month-to-month basis. We are committed to taking care of students who want to gain amazing skills from amazing teachers. Not sure if guitar lessons are right for you? Try us out for just a month. We are sure you’ll want to continue! Our teachers will make sure to “hold your hand” to ensure that their lessons are tailored uniquely to you or your child. We work with parents and adult students who have varying goals and can accommodate all types of learners.

9. The guitar is a HIGHLY PORTABLE INSTRUMENT. Guitar

You or your child will be able to take the guitar everywhere! You can sing songs around the campfire, entertain at parties, or just play for fun wherever you are! There is no more excuse to dust off the old guitar that has been sitting in your attic! Don’t have one? No problem! We can advise you where to rent one!

10. Parents LOVE our Boston Guitar Lessons.

Want proof? See what parents have to say about our school by visiting our testimonials page!

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