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Baltimore Voice LessonsIgnite Your Musical Passion With Our Baltimore Singing Lessons!

Do you like to sing in the shower? Or is your son or daughter constantly singing at home? Maybe your teenager is obsessed with Glee! Whatever your situation, you have come to the right place. We at the Maestro Musicians Academy are excited to tell you all about our Baltimore Singing Lessons at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 1108 Providence Road in Towson!

Here are Ten Benefits to Taking Baltimore Singing Lessons


1. Singing is the most natural form of audible expression that let’s you or your child creatively engage with themselves and others!Male Singer

Unlike violin, guitar, or piano lessons, you don’t need to interact with an external instrument to express yourself. Singing is an internal process that we are all born with! Singing is as natural to the human spirit as is speaking. After all, when we have a conversation, we modulate our voices to give meaning to our sounds. Singing is the same thing but with more emphasis!

2. Learn to Sing From the ProsOpera Singer

We hire only the best singers. Our Baltimore singing teachers have performance degrees from top conservatories and universities. When you sign up for Maestro Musicians Baltimore Singing Lessons, you learn from THE BEST.

3. Learn the Type of Music You WANT to SingR&B Singer

Maestro Musicians Baltimore Singing Lessons encompass all genres. Do you like Classical, Pop, R&B, Country, Musical Theater, or Jazz? As long as the music is clean (no profanities or profane content!), we’ll teach it! We will find you a teacher who can teach you YOUR FAVORITE MUSICAL STYLE. Our teachers will give you, the student, a solid grounding in fundamentals so that you can ultimately sing whatever genre you wish, with ease and style. Even some of the most widely known pop stars, such as Lady Gaga started out with classical music lessons. In fact, we believe that classical music is the fundamental first tool needed for any serious student to develop good vocal technique.

4. Baltimore Singing Lessons in a Convenient Location NEAR YOUBaltimore City

Our Baltimore Singing Lessons are in Towson, MD at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 1108 Providence Road. Students come to us from Baltimore and many Baltimore suburbs, including Towson, Cockeysville, Pikesville, Roland Park, Hampden, and Dundalk. You can easily get to us within 20 minutes from most parts of these towns!

5. Recitals Twice Per Year

Does your child itch to perform? Perhaps you, as an adult, have a desire to get onstage and show off your stuff!Stage
Pending interest, we offer two recitals per year at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church in their beautiful sanctuary. This unforgettable experience is what it’s all about! Parents love the satisfaction of seeing a child who has learned about the importance of successfully working toward and achieving a goal. Children and adult students develop amazing confidence when they feel that they are being heard and that they have something important to share. Are you or is your child nervous about being on the big stage? No problem! We specialize in helping our students overcome the fears and anxieties associated with performing.

6. Convenient Month-to-Month Lesson Scheduling

Maestro Musicians Baltimore Singing Lessons run on a month-to-month schedule. We operate on a year-round calendar, meaning that you’ll find something for the kids to do during those pesky holidays when they are home from school.

7. Widest Flexibility in Scheduling

Our Baltimore Singing Lessons can take place on any day and any time of your choosing, pending teacher availability. This is PERFECT for kids who are home-schooled, self-employed individuals, retirees, students in higher education, and professionals who want something creative to do during their lunch hour.

8. You or Your Child Will Develop Self-ConfidenceGirl

Singing lessons are not just about learning music. They are about getting in front of a crowd of people or even just one person and saying “Listen to me, I have something to say”. It is well known that singing lessons can help individuals who stutter. While this might not necessarily affect you, it is great proof that individuals who wish to improve their communication skills can benefit from voice lessons. The focus on breath control, diction, using the right muscles of the face, and aligning the intentions of the brain and the throat are all major parts of what our Baltimore Singing Lessons teach.

9. Our Baltimore Singing Lessons are a Gateway to Performing in Choirs


Have you ever wanted to perform in a large group? Our vocal lessons give you the skills needed to do just that! Whether is Gospel, Folk, Classical, or any other genre, we are your choice to give you the skills needed for your audition.

10. Voice Lessons Provide a Creative Outlet That Children and Adults CRAVEGroup of Children

Many of us go through the “daily grind” and think, “Is this what it’s all about?” These “seeking individuals” are looking for something greater in life. Our Baltimore Voice Lessons give our students the tools to communicate fundamental thoughts, feelings, and ideas through the language of sound, in a way that you never thought possible. Vocal lessons are the ultimate tool to express one’s creativity, whether for your own benefit, or for the benefit of the listener.

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