Baltimore Piano Lessons

Baltimore Piano LessonsAre you a parent who is looking for a great way to introduce children to music for the  first time? Or, perhaps you are an adult who is rediscovering or newly discovering the joy of music! Maestro Musicians Academy’s Baltimore Piano Lessons will give you exactly what you are looking for! With piano teachers who represent some of the best professionals in the greater Baltimore area, our Towson Piano Lessons are uniquely suited to both young children and adults, alike. Our Baltimore Piano Lessons take place at 1108 Providence Road – St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Towson. Our instructors are consummate professionals who teach both children and adults and are engaging, inspiring, and fun in every way. 

Read on to see how Our Baltimore Piano Lessons Can Benefit You and Your Family!

1. Our Baltimore Piano Lessons Provide a Wonderful Introduction to Music in a Relaxed and Fun Atmosphere

Great for both kids and adults alike, our Baltimore Music Instructors “hold your hand” to make sure that you are taken on a step-by-step journey. Individually crafted lesson plans ensure that our teachers are always in sync with your goals and ideas.


Whether you or your child is looking to learn “John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course”, a Chopin Nocturne, music by Elton John, or Duke Ellington, our Baltimore Piano Lessons can be tailored toward your unique goals. We make it our business to find out what YOU want to get out of each session and then coordinate an individualized plan with our instructor.

3. The piano is a wonderful instrument for teaching the language of music

Music TeacherThe piano keyboard is arranged in such a way that kids and adults can visualize scales and how sounds fit together.
NO OTHER NON-KEYBOARD INSTRUMENT DOES THIS! Bottom line – If you want your child to learn music theory and harmony, start with piano!

Brain4. Piano lessons are amazing for the brain.

Few skills in life challenge us to use two hands in different, but symbiotic ways, to produce a coherent result (ie: the music). Why is this important? Piano lessons and piano practice teach our brains to communicate more effectively from one area to another of this ever-so-important organ. As a result, piano lessons can literally help you to think faster and organize your thoughts in a clear fashion as you integrate the right-brain (more creative side) with the left-brain (more analytical side).

5. Playing the piano, unlike stringed instruments, is easier for beginners.

Young children and adults who are new to music and start with piano lessons are at an advantage. They can immediately enjoy and hear the results of their actions on the keyboard without having to worry too much about how to make a sound. Other instruments, such as the violin, don’t allow for this, as the ability to create a nice sound on a stringed instrument is highly dependent on posture and many other factors. In other words, kids will get instant gratification from the very first lesson (it’s not always a bad thing, right?!)

piano keyboard6. The piano is now portable!

Thanks to the advance in technology over the years, many students now have the ability to affordably purchase touch-sensitive, 88 key keyboards that do not take up as much space as a baby-grand. Would your teacher rather that you had a baby-grand? Sure, but we also know that money is tight, these days, and so is space!

St Thomas of Towson7. Easy-to-Get-to Location for Parents and Students

Maestro Musicians Academy’s Baltimore Piano Lessons take place at Towson’s St. Thomas Episcopal Church. The church is centrally located, serving Baltimore and its surrounding communities of Towson, Cockeysville, Dundalk, Hampden, Roland Park, Pikesville, and many others.

8. Twice-Yearly Performance Opportunities

Young boy playing pianoParents often wonder how to motivate their children to practice. They also often wonder if all that investment in weekly lessons is worthwhile. We are here to tell you that giving a child a recital to work toward makes ALL the difference. When a student prepares for a performance, he or she learns how to set a goal, work toward it, and reap the rewards. We do not force anyone to perform if they do not wish or if they are not ready, but we find that most children look forward to this opportunity. Our supportive and nurturing teachers ensure a successful outcome for any student who follows their careful guidance. Whether it’s a performance of Twinkle or a Mozart piano sonata, you can rest assured that we will be there to help your child grow as an individual, musically, and artistically.

9. Convenient Month-to-Month Scheduling

Monthly Calendar

Our Baltimore Piano Lessons run on a monthly basis, year-round! It’s so easy. Just reserve a time slot and it’s yours as long as you remain enrolled in our school!

10. A Variety of Days and Times to Choose From, Seven Days Per Week!

Busy family life or career? No problem! Maestro Musicians Baltimore Piano Lessons take place during many days of the week and many times of the day. In addition to school children, we serve home-schoolers, college students, professionals during lunch breaks, and retired individuals.


It’s really easy to move forward:

Lessons are first come, first served
so contact us to request information about your first lesson!


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