Violin Lessons Online

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Violin Lessons Online

Beginner Violin Lessons


Tone Production

Using the Bow

Parts of the violin The Sounding Point Playing at the Frog
Parts of the bow The Role of the Right Pinky Playing at the Tip
Caring for the violin and bow Playing With a Straight Bow Playing Full Bows
How to hold the violin Finding the correct elbow height The Middle of the Bow
How to hold the bow    Bow Control Exercise


Advanced-Beginner Violin Lessons

The Left Hand

Your First Scales

Left Hand Position Pt. 1 The D Major Scale
Left Hand Position Pt. 2 The A Major Scale
Left Hand Finger Patterns The G Major Scale


Beginner Violin Technique and First Pieces
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Part One

Part Two

Tuning a Violin With Cleartune  How to Play Lightly Row
Basic Note Reading and Terminology  How to Play Song of the Wind
Bowing Exercises for Twinkle Little Star  How to Play Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Twinkle Variations Pt. 1  How to Play O Come Little Children
Twinkle Variations Pt. 2 and Theme  Tonalization Exercise for Violin 1

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