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Delivering Quality Classical Wedding Ceremony Music
and Elegant Reception Music

Serving greater Boston, Maestro Wedding Musicians specializes in playing quality Bride and Groommemorable music that sets the perfect ambiance for your dream wedding. Our classical musicians perform at wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, and dinners. Our heartfelt wedding ceremony music is reflective, rather than forced, and will leave everyone truly moved. We are highly trained instrumentalists and vocalists with decades of training in our respective fields.

We are passionate about what we do and believe deeply in the spiritual power of music to touch our audience.
We believe that music communicates what words cannot say and our performances are meaningful and heartfelt.
In short, we set the perfect ambiance for your event!

The music we play is both elegant and intimate and our excellent performers take pride in their work.
We play traditional and contemporary arrangements and are familiar with both Jewish and Christian ceremonies.
We strive to accommodate all budgets and provide flexible ensemble sizes based on the size of your wedding party.
We offer the following ensembles:

String Quartet (two violins, viola, and cello)
String Trio (violin, viola, and cello)
String Duo (violin and cello)

Violin/Piano Duo
Flute Duo (flute and piano)
Piano Soloist

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us about other ensembles!

No piano? No problem! We have a great keyboard which replicates the sound and volume of the piano very nicely.

We play repertoire that includes traditional, jazz, tango, popular, and religious music. Hear more of our clips here!

Have a special request for our wedding ceremony musicians? We’ll create an arrangement of your favorite song so it can be performed during the ceremony or reception.

Maestro Musician players will meet your musical needs and make sure that you are well taken care of. Unlike other Boston wedding music groups, our unique booking system ensures that everything musical at your wedding will run smoothly and without a hitch. We take time as well to coordinate with your wedding planner, officiant, and event coordinator and quality customer service is our specialty.

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